• Stool ¥ 3,186.38

    Stool, banana fiber. Solid wood is a durable natural material. Hand-hole in the top step makes the step stool easy to move.

  • Storage combination ¥ 14,874.72 ¥ 13,812.24

    Storage combination, Red

  • Storage Table ¥ 6,373.82

    Storage table, white. Easy to lift and move from the sofa to your favorite armchair.

  • TINGBY ¥ 3,081.19¥ 4,674.91

    Side table on casters, gray

  • ULLKAKTUS ¥ 530.18

    The polyester filling is dimensionally stable and gives a comfortable cushion.

  • VIMLE ¥ 47,705.35

    Rest your feet on the ottoman or attach it to the end of your sofa for an additional seat.

  • VITFJÄRIL ¥ 531.24

    Cover made of ramie, a robust natural material with a slightly irregular structure.

  • Wall cabinet ¥ 4,143.67

    Behind the panel doors you can keep your belongings hidden and free from dust.

  • Watch ¥ 42,392.95

    18k rose gold case watch on a crocodile leather strap with an automatic self-winding movement.

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