Woo Multi Currency is a plugin for WooCommerce powered online store that allows to switch to different currencies easily and create current exchange rate converter without limit WooCommerce Currency. It accepts payment with only one currency or all currencies. WooCommerce Multi Currency is a free plugin.

Important Notice:

  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce plugin.
  • It is released on WordPress.org and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.
  • Many styles and advance features are only available on pro version.


Unlimit currencies: allows to switch to different currencies without limit WooCommerce Currency.

Allow multi currency payment: when turn it on, it will allow customers to pay with different currencies. However, these currencies must be supported by the payment methods. Example: There are currencies: EUR, USD, CAD and RUB. If you select payment method is paypal, then system just support payment by EUR, USD, CAD except RUB. Because paypal does not support payment by Ruble.

Yahoo Finance API: Using Yahoo Finance API to get rate automatic for currencies.

Approximately price(Detect country): Enable Approximately Price on your shop page and plugin will auto detect customer’s country and show their currency. Then help customers know approximately amount rates of price’s product compared with their currency.

Auto update exchange rates: Auto update exchange rates at the real time from Yahoo Finance. It works based on WordPress cron job tool when customers visit your site. You can set interval. eg: 6 hours, 1 day….

Recalculate coupon value: Recalculate coupon value base on rate of order currency with main currency. Example: coupon AAA value=10, main currency=USD, order currency=EUR, rate: 1 USD = 0.8 EUR, so when “Allow multi currency payment” enabled, client apply coupon code AAA, discount value is 10*0.8=8 EUR.

Widget ready: Widgets are available in plugin.(Switcher + Calculator)

Updates weekly: If have any bug or any problem, we’ll update plugin weekly…

Access our developer forum on any trouble: If you need any assistance, let’s create topic in forum then we’ll support in the soonest time.

Easy to use: simply configure a few steps: configure in Setting Currency, input exchange rates automatically or manually and Drag & Drop position of Woo Multi Currency Widget.

Access our documents.

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All features from free version.

Use shortcode everywhere: You can add shortcode in any widget areas or post or page.

Compatible with Visual Composer plugin: Woo Multi Currency is integrated operation with Visual Composer. We’ll update plugin according to the latest version of Visual Composer.

Fixed price with each currency: You can add fixed price what will be not related to exchange rate with currency.

Report WooCommerce Report works perfectly with WooCommerce Multi Currency.

Many sources exchange rate Yahoo finance, Currency Converter…

Save Exchange Rate in Order Exchange rate will be saved when customer pay.

Custom symbol You can custom symbol for each currency. Eg: $(USD), $(CAD)

Custom symbol Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

Unlimit style: 5+ templates are available built (such as Pain Vertical, horizontal Pain, List horizontal flags, Flags Vertical List, List Currency Code + Flag). Just one click, you have immediately desired type. We will continue to develop other types of diversity, rich, and more top-notch design.

Premium support 6 months.


And much more things are waitting for you discover

Check screenshots at http://villatheme.com/woo-multi-currency/ or http://villatheme.com/extensions/woo-multi-currency/

• Unlimited currency choise:

You can add any currency which supported by Woocommerce to your Shop page. Customer can change the currency on your shop page via Selecter.

• Support Six Selecter styles, and More in feature.

• Approximate Price:

Show approximate price of customer’s country’s currency.

• Multi Currency Payment:

You can turn on or off multi currency payment. If you turned on this feature, customer can change the currency in order to one of currencies which you choosed in back-end.

• Recalculate coupon value:

Recalculate coupon value base on choosed currency.

• Auto update exchange rate

You can set the time to system update exchange rate.

• Currency by country:

Auto detect customer’s country. Price will be displayed with currency what is assigned.

• Price by Currency:

Allow you set price for product by each selected currency.

• Custom symbol:

You can set custom symbol for each currency in your list and how to it will be displayed (used when you have many currency have same symbol). Leave it empty to used default symbol. Example: if you set US$ for US dolar, system will display US$100 instead of $100 like default. Or you can use with pramater #PRICE# to display price in special format, example: if you set US #PRICE# $, system will display: US 100 $.